1 can of sardines
8 cherry tomatoes
½ sliced red onion
10g chopped basil
20gr of coriander
8 pitted green olives
200ml of milk
q.b. olive oil
q.b. red wine vinegar
q.s. salt
q.b. coriander leaves to decorate


In a bowl, add the cherry tomatoes and the sliced red onion, season with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and chopped basil. Reserve in the fridge.

For the coriander foam:

Place the coriander, olives and milk in a blender, season with salt and grind. Reserve.

Open the sardine can and drain the olive oil. Split the sardine fillets in half and remove the central spine. Reserve.

In a deep dish, place the tomato salad, the sardine fillets, boil the coriander foam and with the help of a magic wand, emulsify until foaming, place around the salad and finish with coriander leaves.