Let’s conserve what is ours.

Between june and december 2020, ANICP launched a communication and promotion campaign for Portuguese canned fish with a national scale and international impact. Let’s conserve what is ours was the motto of communication on television, press, abroad and social networks, especially the page @conservasportuguesas on Facebook.

In terms of Public Relations, we highlight the actions with the media, followers and influencers that played an important role in capitalizing on the reputation of Portuguese cans, namely the carrying out of actions with food distribution, events with the generalist and specialised press and the partnership with internationally renowned chefs.

Within the scope of this campaign, Anicp developed a diversified set of actions that made consumers aware of the diversity of Portuguese cans and relationship with the media for the comprehensive construction of the perception that Portuguese cans are differentiated, competitive, sustainable and a good example of what is best done in our country.